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The Department of Electrical Engineers of TEI Piraeus is the ancienter department of Electrical Engineers at Technological level and is the historical continuation of the Electrical Petty Enginneers School (Ypomichanikon) of the National Technical University of Athens.

Historically, the Department was evolved from the School of Electrical Petty Enginneers (Ypomichanikon) and later department of KATEE Piraeus, to Department of School of Technological Applications of Piraeus in 1983. From 2001 till now, it constitutes a Department of the Highest Technological Educational Institution of Piraeus, at Petrou Ralli and Thivon 250 in Egaleo, at which 1500 active students study.

The Department combines scientific knowledge, social activity and collectiveness, which occasionally was expressed with the attendance of the Department in the peaceful fight against military junta, with events of social sensitivity, but also with sensitization of the students in the social being.

The opinion that the technological growth should be anthropocentric, constitutes objective of the Department, aim of which is the training of qualified technical executives, socially sensitized, so that they participate actively to technological developments in order to contribute positively in favor of the total society.

The stuff of the Department is a mix of experienced executives and new scientists and incorporates smoothly in the training program all the new developments of science and technique.

The knowledge is provided with direct contact of professors and students, which helps the growth of climate of collaboration in personal level which climaxes in the laboratories of the Department.

Despite the lacks, the material and technical infrastructure of the Department is modern and is improved continuously. The Department has developed contacts with institutions and professors of Institutions of abroad, exchanging opinions and improving its infrastructures, but also its teaching practice, aimining at the most improved models of education worldwide.

The basic objective of the Department can be summarized in the phrase “Education of technocrats with human face”.

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