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Τechnological Εducation Ιnstitution of Piraeus
School of Technological Applications


The Educational and the Special Technical staff of the Department are distributed to the following sectors:

Division Ι - Signals & Systems

Vernados Petros, Professor
Sinioros Panagiotis, Assistant Professor
Liveris Ioannis, Assistant Professor
Viliotis Iraclis, Laboratory Professor

Student Representative

Division ΙΙ - Electric Power

Psomopoulos Constantinos, Assistant Professor
Gounaridis Georgios, Assistant Professor

Leonidopoulos, George, Assistant Professor
Pachos Pavlos, Laboratory Professor
Tsiolis Spiros, Laboratory Professor

Student Representative

Division ΙΙΙ - Electric Installations & Constuctions

Μalatestas Pantelis, Professor
Ιoannidis Georgios, Assistant Professor
Kaminaris Stavros, Assistant Professor

Student Representative

Special Technical Stuff

Kannelos Alexandros
Kapsomoulis Constantinos
Bekiaris Antonios
Metaxa Fotini



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